This is Crazy

As announced by Statistics Canada May 18, 2022 the cost of living continues to rise at the fastest pace in decades, rising at a 6.8% annual pace in April.   The CBC blames global factors including the war in Ukraine disrupting the price and supply of grains, outbreaks of bird flu, and even extreme weather events in the United States.

It appears as though our state sponsored propaganda machine doesn’t believe the following domestic factors have had any effects on our cost of living:

  • The growth of the Canadian money supply by 22.2% since January 2020
  • A near decades long initiative to craft public policy to discourage the development of domestic energy supplies.  Love it or hate it, the cost of fossil fuels is the driver behind absolutely everything else.
  • The relentless and ongoing increases in carbon taxes.  This is not the stuff of a compassionate government.
  • The concentrated and deliberate efforts to increase regulatory requirements to make Canada as unattractive as possible to foreign investment.
  • And most recently, the latest efforts of many political leaders, now laying the blame on rising prices at the feet of greedy corporations.  As if somehow raising corporate taxes will create an incentive to produce more stuff,  thereby lowering prices.

This truly is a new kind of crazy, and its only just begun.

CPI CPI excluding gasoline