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The Alberta Builders’ Lien Act provides for several categories of persons who may file Builders’ Liens:

  • persons who perform work on or in respect of an improvement;
  • persons who furnish materials to be used in or in respect of an improvement;
  • persons who perform services on the improvement; and
  • persons who rent equipment to be used in or in respect of an improvement.

Generally, these categories can be characterized as contractors, subcontractors, workers, material suppliers and equipment renters.


“Improvement” is defined as being anything “constructed, erected, built, placed, dug or drilled, or intended to be constructed, erected, built, placed, dug or drilled, on or in land except a thing that is neither affixed to the land nor intended to be or become part of the land”.


The rule for filing of a Builders’ Lien is that they must be filed within 45 days. The question is, 45 days from when?
To calculate the 45 day period, the last date worked, or the last date on which materials were supplied is excluded from the calculation. If the 45th day falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the filing date is extended to the next business day. A claimant does not need to wait until after completion of its work or services before filing a lien. The 45 day period also starts to run when work or a contract is abandoned.


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