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  • Obtain the benefits of 3rd party leverage with your past-due customers.
  • Obtain results inexpensively starting for as little as $14.95 per account.
  • CRMI pre-collect services reduce your overall collection costs by affordably assisting you to screen out and recover less problematic customers yourself prior to considering CRMI’s full collection services on a no collection – no charge basis.
  • Pre-collect services allow you to assign those more problematic accounts to third party collection sooner in the default cycle with confidence.
  • You choose who to list and when to list for pre-collect services. (We recommend anywhere from 21 to 45 days past due for optimal results).
  • Stop chasing your customers. Save time and improve efficiency in your operation by allowing us to establish the consequences of further delay and motivate your customers to ‘chase you’ to resolve their outstanding account through our customized letter service and credit reporting facility.
  • Simple assignment process to engage CRMI pre-collect services.
  • Notify us when arrangements have been established with your customer or the account paid and we suspend further pre-collect activity immediately.
  • Open option to engage CRMI’s full collection services on a no collection – no charge basis at a later date should your account remain unpaid.

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