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As one of Canada’s premier Skip Tracing companies, Case Receivable is proud to offer powerful Skip Tracing collection services to business in Edmonton, Calgary, Ontario and throughout Canada.

Skip tracing is a technique or tool that collection agencies can use when working through their professional collections process.

At Case Receivable Management, our attitude is such that the art of skip tracing in collections is considered and treated as a core competency and not just an after thought or necessary evil.

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What is Skip Tracing?

Skip Tracing is the art and science of the process of locating, or attempting to locate, an individual who has disappeared.

Often times, skip tracing is performed when the individual who can’t be found owes a debt, and the business or individual who the debt is owed to is trying to collect on the amount owing.

How is a Skip Trace done?

Skip tracing involves utilizing a number of different techniques to collect important information about a subject’s location or whereabouts.

Skip tracing is a unique field that really does require the involvement of a trained skip tracer in order to produce successful results.

Is Skip Tracing legal in Canada?

Yes, skip tracing is legal in Canada.

In Canada, if an individual or business is seeking skip tracing services as a stand-alone service, such as in the search for a lost relative or ex-spouse, a professional skip tracer must be hired, not a collections agency.

However, if an individual or business is looking for collections service and skip tracing happens to be required as part of the collections process, a collections agency may be hired and prove very useful.

As a licensed and bonded collection agency, Case Receivable Management is only licensed to skip trace, or locate, individuals if it is for the purpose of location an individual assigned to us fo the primary purpose of debt collection.

Skip Tracing Collection Services Canada

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