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I/We authorized Case Receivable Management Inc. (CRMI) to retain or deduct applicable commission amounts on all accounts assigned to CRMI whether paid direct to you or through CRMI’s offices. CRMI agrees to accept allaccounts at the applicable rates as listed above. All payments, partial or in full, towards outstanding accounts assigned to CRMI for recovery after the date of assignment, shall be deemed as recovered by CRMI and subject to applicable commissions.

I/We agree to assign to CRMI only accounts which are legitimate and owing, and which have not been previously paid. I/We further understand that that accounts placed in error and subsequently recalled beyond 48 hours due to error on our part will be subject to a close-out fee of 10% of the assigned balance.

I/We agree to list accounts with CRMI for not less than 365 days from the date of assignment providing the accounts are in the process of collection or litigation.

I/We agree that accounts assigned to CRMI are not, and will not, be assigned to another organization for the purposes of recovery.

I/We agree to report immediately to CRMI all payments made directly to us on accounts assigned to CRMI for recovery and understand that full commissions are due to CRMI in such circumstance.

I/We understand that merchandise or equipment returns accepted by us will be subject to half the normal rate of applicable commissions on the amount credited to the outstanding account for the return of such items.

CRMI agrees to not initiate any legal proceedings or charge any applicable costs for legal action without signed approved in writing by the creditor.

I/We understand that any payments received by CRMI as credit to any outstanding account assigned to CRMI will be deposited by CRMI In-Trust and funds, less commissions, will be issued to the creditor by the 15th of the following calendar month from the date the be on a net basis, (less commissions due CRMI).

I/We understand wherein an assigned account to CRMI has payment arrangements negotiated by CRMI that commissions on the full outstanding balance will be due to CRMI in the event that I/We request the account be closed and returned to us.

I/We understand that this agreement applies to any and all accounts assigned by us from the date signed and on a go forward basis.

I/We understand that no person has the authority to alter or change in any manner whatsoever any of the conditions or commission rates contained in this agreement unless approved in writing by both parties (Creditor and CRMI).

I/We authorize CRMI to periodically forward to us, via email or print medium information CRMI believes to be beneficial or informative with respect to accounts receivable management. If at any time I wish to be removed from their list for such purposes I will advise CRMI of the same and will be exempt from receiving any such future communiqué.

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