COVID-19: What we’re doing

We have all experienced quite the week. Everyone is coming to grips with the new norms, working together to ensure the safety of our communities and focusing on what we can do to support each other moving forward. Our team at Case Receivable Management Inc. recognizes that these are uncharted waters full of uncertainty.

As with many people and organizations our daily lives and routines are enduring changes on a daily basis. During this time your ability to retain your customer base, while at the same time receiving timely payments on invoices will remain of paramount importance in maintaining healthy business operations.

We recognize that commerce and your business, must go on. We want to assure all of our clients that we will experience no interruptions to the professional service we provide and that you have come to trust.

We have several solutions to help in these chaotic times to ensure your company and your customers are being tended to by industry professionals.

Negotiation – Not Confrontation

If we can assist in any way, or you know of others who may require our assistance, please connect with your Account Manager or call 1-888-416-4840 to discuss your current business needs from current receivables to past due receivables. We are here to help.

We have been following the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Federal and Provincial Health Authorities in our actions to manage and respond to the evolving circumstances around this pandemic.
Some of our measures include:

  1. Remote work availability for staff is available across all our workplaces in Canada
  2. Daily antiseptic cleaning of all high touch areas within offices
  3. Social distancing for mandatory in person meetings, with large groups or external meetings being facilitated virtually
  4. Staff are available to support customers and partners
  5. Daily internal communication with staff regarding procedures and responsibilities on COVID-19
  6. Business travel suspended, other essential travel is limited and is being closely monitored
  7. Guided by the Federal and Provincial Health Authorities we are implementing self-isolation requirements for those with potential exposure or symptoms

Stay safe.