Consider Freedom on Sept 20, 2021

If our culture of trust and freedom is to flourish, we individuals must live out a few certain simple principles.  Freedom is not the permission to do what we like, but the power to do what we ought.


Exercise your freedom

Freedom is a gift and an inheritance, but it is also an art that requires practice, discipline and perseverance – whether voting, debating, or assuming the demands of neighborhood and citizenship.

Freedom is “immensely demanding” and “hard work.”


Keep your promises

It is only as free people to do what they say and follow through on all that they promise that they become predictable and trustworthy to others – which in turn strengthens the bonds of the wider web of social trust that strengthens the collective freedom of everyone.


Respect your neighbor

Communal freedom is always shared freedom, and shared freedom always requires self-limitation.  A right for one is a right for another and a responsibility of both.



If you are one that holds the ideal of freedom as sacrosanct, on election day, consider the above as another lens to look through when considering your candidate or party of choice.