The Value of Good Behaviour

Does your collection agency partner’s conduct and image match your organization's values?

Does their mission match your expectations of why you retained their services in the first place? 

Do their actions and behaviour make business sense?

Case Receivable Management Inc. is dedicated to reducing the financial losses of our clients through the expeditious recovery of their aged receivables and bad debts. By way of negotiations, diplomacy, skill, and respect for the individual it is our mission to mitigate the potential financial losses of our clients while leaving their customers feeling that they have been treated professionally and with dignity.

Click here to access a recent news story on how a large US based (and thus one would assume reasonably savvy) collection agency with 11,000 employees worldwide, operating in Canada has apparently gotten it so wrong, so often.

How does this happen; Arrogance? Incompetence? Malicious Intent? Technical Error? Complete disregard for doing ‘the right thing’?

Does it really matter?  In addition to such behaviour jeopardizing your corporate reputation it is not possible for a collection agency with such deficiencies to ultimately be any good at maximizing the recoveries of your outstanding receivables… they are deficient, and that’s the bottom line.