Oct/Nov 2008 – The Game

The Game

There is a basic business game that we play that’s all about being right. It makes the assumption that there is a way that business should be. It also assumes that if things are not that way, then there must be something wrong with the customer, you, or the business. And when we make that assumption, the net result is that we feel that we must in someway fix it.

So how does this relate to the game of collecting from your customers?

This business game, as most people play it, basically says that if you pick the right customers to do business with you’ll make a fortune. And if you don’t then there is something wrong with the customer, you, or the business (and, of course, you’ll blame the customer, yourself, or the business). But perhaps there is a way to fix it.

This is basically the traditional pattern that all games take on. It’s pretty simple minded and it gets us nowhere, but we still play it.

Are there any solutions to this game?

Yes, the solution is 1) to realize that there is a game going on; and 2) that you don’t have to play; but 3) if you do play you can invent your own rules.

So what is the best rule for this business game?

That you don’t need to be “right” about every customer that you choose to extend terms to – instead, the rule is to cut your losses short and leverage the expertise and experience of a third party agency to assist you in mitigating your losses so you can get back to focusing on servicing your other customers with an unfettered mind.

From American doctor and esoteric author Gerald G. Jamplosky: "You can be right or you can be happy.”

…Some food for thought. Happiness pays.