Month: September 2012

Your Debt-To-Income Ratio

Each quarter, Statistics Canada publishes the average Canadian’s debt-to-personal disposable-income ratio. It’s a statistic that gets mentioned often in stories about Canadians’ onerous and rising debt loads.  As a matter of fact Canada’s household debt-to-income ratio has risen from below 100 per cent in the mid-1990s to 151 per cent today. As a collection agency…

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Musings over the US Fed hold on short-term interest rates

The Federal Reserve announced this past week bold steps to stimulate the still-weak US economy and reduce high unemployment, saying it will spend $40bn a month to buy mortgage-backed securities for as long as necessary.  The US central bank also extended a plan to keep short-term interest rates at record lows (0-.25%) through to mid-2015….

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Canadian Corporate Law In Less Than 100 Words

Canadian corporate law in four sentences: A corporation is a person, just like you and me.  Corporate liability stays with the company; investor’s personal risk is limited to the amount they’ve invested in the company.  The board – and not necessarily the executives or the owners – must answer for the corporation’s actions.  Majority control…

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