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Hear What Isn’t Being Said

Hear What Isn't Being Said Ask any collection professional for a list of their top five collection secrets and without a doubt effective listening skills will always be at the top of the list. When you contact a past-due customer and state the reason for your call or ask a question wait for the answer….

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Dec/Jan 2010- 10 Tips to Successful Debt Collecting

10 Tips to Successful Debt Collecting Start the new year off right by enhancing your current collection efforts with these 10 quick collection tips: PREPARE: Review your customer file before making the call including the history, credit record, and promises (kept and broken) and ensure this information is available to reference when you are on…

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Aug/Sept 2008 – Communication

Communication Since the start of time, man has used some form of communication to get tasks completed. With thousands of years of practice and experience you would think that we homo sapiens would have perfected the art of communication by now. Unfortunately, this is far from the norm in today’s business world. More often than…

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