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Collection Notes from the Field

Collection Notes from the Field There is an old saying in the debt recovery profession that says, "a sale is a gift until the invoice is paid." It's the mandate of your A/R personnel and effective third party agent to turn those gifts into sales. From our perspective, not only are companies not paying their…

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Oct/Nov 2009- Are You a Lender of Last Resort?

Are You a Lender of Last Resort? Neglecting your accounts receivable will inevitably prove to be a very expensive management mistake. Following are the most common reasons why a company experiences a growing list of receivables: Credit terms are too liberal An invoicing system that is too slow Ineffective collection strategy Money that is tied…

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Apr/May 2009 – A/R Strategy Checklist

A/R Strategy Checklist Following is a list of items that once included in your business plan will greatly reduce the number of past due customers and most importantly reduce the volume of write-offs to bad debt. When you are negotiating with or quoting a customer: Clearly advise the customer when payment is required. Gain their…

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