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Dec/Jan 2009 – NET – Notable Elements of Triumph

NET – Notable Elements of Triumph Every business has a NET – Notable Elements of Triumph. But not many businesses have identified the few critical elements that contribute the most to their success or failure and therefore end up investing their time, energy, and money to treat symptoms with a band-aid instead of diagnosing and…

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Oct/Nov 2009- Are You a Lender of Last Resort?

Are You a Lender of Last Resort? Neglecting your accounts receivable will inevitably prove to be a very expensive management mistake. Following are the most common reasons why a company experiences a growing list of receivables: Credit terms are too liberal An invoicing system that is too slow Ineffective collection strategy Money that is tied…

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Feb/Mar 2008 – Delinquency Early Warning Signs

Delinquency Early Warning Signs Alert entrepreneurs will identify early signs of potential payment trouble with customers. Awareness starts with keeping your eyes open and not being afraid of finding something you truly may not want to see; Good Customers, Gone Bad! Following are a few signs that may signal trouble: A normally prompt paying customer…

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