Keep them Confused


Canadian household debt-to-income ratio rises in Q2 (Bloomberg 09-13-2019)

Canada’s household-debt-to-income ratio down slightly in second quarter (Global News 09-13-2019)

Statistics Canada says household debt ratio edged lower in second quarter (City News by the Canadian Press 09-13-2019)

And you wonder why so many have become skeptical of mainstream media over the last few years. Who can blame us? Who can blame them?… with nuanced headlines becoming such an integral part of today’s information and propaganda machine.

Purveyors of information understand that the majority of the masses and their depth of understanding (or even their care to even have a deeper understanding of true reality and issues) is solely limited to our 160 character attention span.

Keep them confused. Keep them distracted.

Here’s all that matters (the data)

Joe and Joanne Canada owe $1.74 for evert $1.00 in income.

And then ask yourself (think deeply and self-analyze)

Does this bode well for Joe and Joanne Canada’s future?
Does Joe and Joanne Canada’s behavior match their self-proclaimed value and belief that a long-term sustainable future is a top priority?

Make a conclusion (yours not the opinion of others)

It appears that Joe and Joanne Canada can’t see beyond their next bi-weekly paycheque…until of course that paycheque is no longer there. Then it will be someone else’s fault.


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