No Charge Canadian CREDIT REPORTING | Collection Agency Canada

As a complementary no charge service Case Receivable Management Inc. reports all unpaid accounts on behalf of their clients to Equifax and Trans Union (the two largest Canadian nationwide credit bureaus) with no satisfactory payment arrangements on file at day 45 days of the collection cycle.

With the application of delayed credit reporting additional leverage is created in our debt recovery process to encourage prompt payment of outstanding debt on a voluntary basis.  The behavior of the indebted party is often times modified to act once recognizing the opportunity to avoid derogatory ratings.

Non-performing accounts and accounts that CRMI is unable to locate, once reported to the credit bureau, create future opportunities for debt collection when the indebted party applies for funding with other credit grantors who advise indebted applicants to resolve derogatory items first prior to qualifying for additional credit lines. Unpaid collection items remain on an indebted party’s credit report for a period of six (6) years.

Case Receivable Management Inc. is your choice for debt collection in Alberta. 

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