June/July 2010- Advocating to Increase Small Claims Court limit

Advocating to Increase Small Claims Court limit

Litigation in Small Claims Court is a more expeditious and less costly court-driven process in handling civil disputes between parties, as opposed to the more lengthy and expensive process through Court of Queens’ Bench, which is by design a lawyer/rules of court-driven process.

At Case Receivable Management Inc. (CRMI) litigation is used as an option of last resort when attempting to collect a debt from those parties who are able (as determined through our solvency investigations) but not willing to resolve an outstanding debt by way of voluntary payment.

With the average commercial debt size continuing to grow in Alberta along with the economy, CRMI supports a change in the present regulations that have the jurisdictional limit set at $25,000.00 to the maximum allowed under Section 9 (1) (i) of the Provincial Court Act, R.S.A. 2000, c. P-31 of $50,000.00.

Increasing the monetary jurisdiction of Small Claims Court would broaden the opportunity for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s) in Alberta to enforce their debt claims in a more cost-effective, expeditious manner.

In May 2010 a policy drafted and advanced by the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce was debated and accepted overwhelmingly by the voting delegates at the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) plenary session entitled Increase Small Claims Court limit. This policy has now been included in the 2010 policy book of the ACC who are now actively advocating for this change in provincial regulations. At CRMI we urge all of our clients, when speaking to their local Chambers or MLA’s, to encourage and seek their support in advocating for increasing the Small Claims Court limit.

About the Alberta Chambers of Commerce

A federation of 124 Chambers of Commerce, which in turn represents over 22,000 businesses, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce ensures its members’ business interests are improved through the development and advocacy of policy to the provincial and federal governments. To assist members in expanding their business potential, the Alberta Chambers coordinates its efforts with its local Chambers of Commerce to achieve the lowest possible tax and regulatory environment.

Here are just some ways the Alberta Chambers of Commerce serves its members:

Reviews and assesses new legislation or amendments to existing acts and regulations and apprises its members of potential concerns;

Coordinates its advocacy efforts through 124 member Chambers of Commerce; and,

Obtains answers for members who are having difficulties with the government and who may not be familiar with the way the bureaucracy operates.

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