Month: April 2018

Sustainability; just a fancy new word for “common sense”

A few years ago, BC Comfort Air Conditioning, a B.C.-based company with over 45 years experience in mechanical HVAC services, noted employees were leaving the doors wide open in the chilly season for convenience. One simple change—asking workers to keep that bay door closed—helped cut natural gas use by 65%, saving the company $7,000 a…

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Uuuum…Alberta We Have a Problem….

According to a recent by RBC report focusing on Canada’s Household Debt Albertans would be hardest hit by further interest rate hikes.   Mortgage debt in Alberta rose almost 30 per cent on average from 2010 to 2016. Households in Alberta will feel the most pressure from rising interest rates because residents in the province carry…

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Canadian Debt Dogpile

Our Federal government recently admitted that they will never eliminate the deficit. In fact, Finance Canada now projects deficits for another 25 years, totaling almost a half-a-trillion-dollars! The fiscal victory being claimed by the federal government however is that the debt will grow ‘slower’ than the economy’ – lowering the debt-to-GDP ratio with program spending…

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