Month: April 2014

Irrational actions always precede Insolvency

Albeit the example below is a US issue, irrational actions will oft times precede insolvency irrespective of whether the potentially insolvent party is an individual consumer, corporate customer or, in the example cited below, a sovereign government.   The key takeaway here for our clients is to be wary when customer behavior makes sudden change from…

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Does reality match the balance sheet?

The world’s perception of fashion designer L’Wren Scott was that she was a 1-percenter.  A gold-plated member of the international elite.  Mike Jagger as a boyfriend, lounging about poolside, gold jewelry, Louis Vuitton handbag and designer sunglasses.  From the rest of the world’s view a life of luxury and wealth. Tragically in mid-March she committed…

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